The Sunday Scaries

35 Invitations to See Beauty, Embrace Mystery, and Cultivate Play

What if God isn’t a scary man in the sky, but rather Love unfolding here and now?
What could cookies, chopsticks and boogers teach us about becoming happier people?
What if you could learn to embrace life’s storms, rather than fearing them?

Through everyday stories of hope, humor and hardship, The Sunday Scaries guides you towards accepting the miracle of life as a beautiful gift, despite all the confusion and pain it’s bound to bring.
Blending Christian spirituality and stoic philosophy, David Cary Lane offers timeless wisdom in an accessible yet thought-provoking way.

You will learn to:

- See beauty in seemingly ordinary experiences.
- Embrace mystery as a necessary path towards healing, humility, and love.
- Cultivate a life of transformative play, learning how to let go of expectations and resentment, and experience true joy.

If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed by life’s inevitable ups and downs, The Sunday Scaries is a great place to start.

Begin the inward journey, learn to love the life you’ve been given.


★★★★★ "Wow! Blown Away. Refreshing. Convicting."
"I'm 62 years old and my kids gave me David's book. I remember thinking, 'What is a 20 something going to have to say to me?' I could not have been more wrong. This book was impactful" -Jimmy Acree, Lead Pastor

★★★★★ "Thoughtful, Insightful, Transformative."
"David's principled, well-read curiosity bleeds through the pages of this book. He is doing what is so difficult and arguably antithetical: he's describing what it means to be. I gained so much from this book." -Brandon O'Neill, Musician, Wine and Warpaint

★★★★★ "Honest, Soul-filling, Practical"
"There are times that I feel like the Church is dusty. Reading David's book makes me think it won't be long before that dust gets blown off." -Hayden Workman, Pastor

★★★★★ "Great start on the inward journey!"
"A book that is at once light and winsome but includes real, weighted wisdom. This book helps guide you on the Inward Journey--the vulnerable odyssey of self-reflection and self-discovery we all should take as we mature." -Nathan Brown, Environmental Compliance Inspector

★★★★★ "A beautiful and thought-provoking read!"
"A conversational journey that helps the reader dig deep into themselves mentally and spiritually." -Nicole Flores, Captain, United States Air Force