The Puppy Prophet

Do our dogs know more than we think? Could their inner worlds hold secrets to a life of deep meaning? They’re our best friends, but could they also be among our wisest teachers?

Enchanting, wildly fun and one-of-a-kind, The Puppy Prophet follows Dumpster Daisy, a wise, old stray nearing the end of her days, as she explores life’s most profound mysteries of love, hope, fear, friendship, God, and even death.

Blending the timeless truths found in stoic philosophy and transcendent spirituality, The Puppy Prophet takes readers on a powerful journey that is thought-provoking, inspiring, and perfectly quirky. Whether you’re a dog lover, a deep thinker, or someone who just needs a bit of joy in your life, what you’ll find in The Puppy Prophet is wisdom literature at its best – and most fun.

"This book is a heart-touching journey, where the love and wisdom of dogs illuminate the path to living in the now. Whether you are a dog lover or not, The Puppy Prophet will leave a lasting imprint on your heart and soul, inspiring you to embrace simple joys and profound teachings."
- Christopher L. Heuertz, Author of The Sacred Enneagram and The Enneagram of Belonging 

"David Cary Lane is a thoughtful and poignant writer who invites you to grow and laugh and feel through honest yet playful words of wisdom. Dog lover or not, The Puppy Prophet will give you joy to read."
- Jonathan Merritt, Author of Learning to Speak God from Scratch and contributor for The Atlantic 

"David Cary Lane is a gifted storyteller and poet whose words invite you to paws and ponder the beautiful lessons our canine friends have to teach us. I highly recommend this book!"
- Jennifer Marshall Bleakley, Best-Selling Author of the Pawverbs book series

"What I loved about The Puppy Prophet is the way David Cary Lane invites us to reorient our hearts toward levity and the kind of meaningful connection available when we are softer (with ourselves and one another). This work isn’t simply 'sweet' thought here is a sweetness to it. This work has the weight of sincere humanity."
- Justin McRoberts, Author of Sacred Strides: The Journey to Belovedness in Work and Rest

"Christ has 10,000 faces, and in The Puppy Prophet, it looks like Dumpster Daisy. Stories are sneaky. They neutralize our normal defense mechanisms and travel deep enough to knock on the hidden doors of our soul. This is exactly what Lane’s writing does in this fun and beautiful book. If you wonder, how can one ask our most pressing personal and cosmic questions through an eclectic group of fictional dogs? Well, you should find out by reading The Puppy Prophet."
- Kevin Sweeney, Spiritual Director, Author of The Making of a Mystic and The Joy of Letting Go, and host of TheChurch Needs Therapy podcast

"A brilliant book full of wisdom and hope. As I read, I couldn’t keep myself from smiling, nodding along, and even tearing up. What a gift this book will be to so many."
- Tanner Olson, Author of As You Go and Walk a Little Slower, Poet, and dad to Pancake the Goldendoodle